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 Aftercare Support  Aftercare Support

Aftercare Support

Aftercare Support

At AVONDALE INTERIORS, We believe in a client for life, so the AVONDALE experience doesn't stop at Practical Completion. We're here for you on day-two, by providing ongoing support, care and maintenance for your installation and future needs.

Our Support Services

Hardware Support, when it comes to relocating your office, once the build is complete, We understand there is a move to manage, we can provide a dedicated site team to support your specialist IT installation (Hardware relocation).

  • Move Management
  • Furniture Assembly
  • MEP Support
  • Asset management
  • Aftercare Support

Who better to support your business with all those little projects once you move in...?

We maintain two Sprinter vehicles, which support our valued clients with those smaller projects that need attention once you've settled into your new office's. We're best placed to undertake these projects as we're the one's who build the installation.

Our in-depth knowledge of the building will prove invaluable, cost-effective support for day two!

Electrical systems support i.e. equipment testing and installation, or perhaps a carpenter to help put up the paintings, white boards so when your staff come in on day one of operations the office feeling like home.

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Bespoke Solutions
Tailored to Your
Individual Needs!

We have been creating commercial fit-outs for over 20 years
throughout London, the Midlands and the South East.

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The Perfect Office


Video Conferencing / AV Requirement

With the push towards a more flexible workplace, AV/Video Calls will be in high demand, let us help you include this is your design


Agile Working

Designing a space with agility in mind, and with productivity as the main goal - businesses who have an agile working environment have 20% increase in productivity studies report.



In the next 2 years its estimated 5.1 million people will be hot-desking globally, we incorporate this into your design and create environments that encourage this.



Creative collaborative spaces in the workplace, increases efficiency for remote teams, fast tracks innovation, and increases employee satisfaction, this results in you being 4.5 times more likely to retain your best employees.


Corporate Identity

Good branding increases the value of a company, provides employees with direction and motivation and we can help include this into the core design of your new space.


Cultural Fit

Spending 35% of your time in the office, we include your set of values and practices into the overall design, so that your unique business culture is reflected.



Spending on average a third of your waking hours in the workplace, we create a positive environment, which encourages productivity and employee wellbeing.



In addition to creating best practices and standards for your team, you should ensure your employees have the right tools to be both comfortable and productive throughout the day.



By creating spaces that encourage movement and getting around the office, this prevents the 63% of us who spend less than 30 minutes on their feet at work.



A recent study said that 53% of workers were regularly distracted by others when trying to focus, we create environments where acoustics are carefully considered.


Air Quality

Improved air quality in the workplace increases productivity, we aid this by introducing air purifying plants and make sure the Mechanical system is working efficiently.



Often just 13-15 mins of exposure to natural light is enough to trigger the release of endorphins or "happy hormones", we design in having the employees sat nearest to the natural light.

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